Agent Blak

Dj and Music Production
 Agent Blak started off as a DJ in the late 80s
for small venues as a teenager in  
St Louis Mo. 
Taking his turn-tables, a Casio keyboard
and a dual tape deck recorder to create his own productions. 
He then upgraded to Propellerheads “Reason” production program 
as well as Protools and Serato. 
The rest as they say is history.
He has flexed his musical muscle, working with groups in... 
St. Louis, Rhode Island, Miami, California,
Georgia, North Carolina and  
The Netherlands.  
He has opened shows for... 
Wu-Tang Clan, KRS-One, Redman,  Ziggy Marley
and other notable 
Music Icons. 
Agent Blak also created the music production group
 ”The Beat Ninjas”, of Charlotte North Carolina 2010.
He then moved to Amsterdam NL to work the Dj circuit
Spinning Soulful House and producing Hip Hop Beats.
Agent Blak has now landed in California where he will continue his creative journey.